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The expert and highly skilled Massachusetts dog attack lawyers at our Boston, MA law firm are experts in their field and are fully equipped to handle all of your legal needs with respect to your Massachusetts dog attack injury case. Our Massachusetts animal attack attorney specialists have over 25 years of experience handling complicated Massachusetts dog bite claims and obtaining high personal injury damage awards. Our Boston dog attack lawyer specialists are experts with regard to Massachusetts dog bite law. The goal of our Boston, MA dog bite lawyer professionals is to provide you with top notch legal service with respect to your Massachusetts dog attack injury claim. At the same time, we seek to earn your loyalty, trust and respect.

The Boston dog attack lawyer experts at our full service Boston, MA law firm are an experienced team of some of the best Massachusetts dog bite attorneys that the Commonwealth has to offer. The Boston, MA dog bite lawyer specialists at our Boston, MA law firm would be honored to represent you in your dog attack case, and our Boston, MA lawyer professionals would be pleased to provide you with an initial free consultation regarding your personal injuries from your Massachusetts dog bite incident. Our Boston personal injury lawyer advocates are available to speak with you or your loved one regarding your Massachusetts dog attack case, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 617-787-3700. Please do not hesitate to contact us now at (617) 787-3700 or email our Boston dog attack lawyer professionals at

The Boston, MA Dog Bite Lawyer Specialists at Our Full Service Boston, MA Law Firm Are Experts At Recovering Massachusetts Dog Attack Damages Stemming From Massachusetts Dog Bite Incidents.

Boston Dog Bite LawyerIn Massachusetts, dog attack victims are entitled to recover compensation from a dog owner for any negligence that resulted in injury, any violation of laws prohibiting dogs from roaming unrestrained, and continued possession of an animal that has caused personal injuries in the past. Massachusetts is also a strict liability jurisdiction with respect to Massachusetts dog bite law, which means that a dog bite victim will be entitled to personal injury damages if he or she was not annoying or harassing the dog at the time of the dog attack. In the event that an Animal Control Officer has placed a Massachusetts dog under a restraining order, and the dog subsequently injures an individual, the dog owner may be liable for up to three times the value of the personal injury damages suffered by the Massachusetts dog bite victim.

Oftentimes, a Massachusetts dog attack victim will wonder who is going to pay for the medical expense damages and other personal injury damages that result from the Massachusetts dog attack. The Boston dog attack lawyer experts at our Boston, MA law firm have more than two decades of experience in maximizing the monetary recovery of Massachusetts dog attack damages for our Massachusetts clients. In most instances, Massachusetts homeowner’s insurance policies cover liability for Massachusetts dog bite bodily injury claims. In other words, the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy will generally pay compensation for dog bite damages if his or her dog attacks you or your loved one and causes personal injuries.

Boston Personal Injury LawyerThere are some instances when it may be difficult to obtain personal injury damages from a Massachusetts dog owner. For example, since homeowner’s insurance is optional, and many dog owners rent apartments or condominiums and then would not have homeowner’s insurance, it may be difficult to recover compensation. In addition, there are certain insurance companies that do not include injuries caused by dogs in their insurance policies. It is, therefore, always in your or your loved one’s best interests to get in touch with our Boston dog attack lawyers as soon as possible if you have a Massachusetts dog bite claim so that our Boston, MA dog bite lawyer specialists may immediately take the necessary steps to obtain reimbursement from the Massachusetts dog owner.

Regardless of the Massachusetts dog owner’s financial situation, our Boston, MA dog bite lawyer advocates primary concern is that you receive full, fair and just compensation for your Massachusetts dog attack injuries. Massachusetts dog attacks can cause not only physical scarring, but emotional injuries as well. It is the duty of our Massachusetts animal attack attorney specialists to make sure that you receive the compensation that you or your loved one deserves.

The Boston, MA dog bite lawyer experts at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates will also investigate the particular dog’s history to identify any previous vicious behavior. In addition, our Massachusetts dog attack lawyers will research alternative insurance coverage under which you may be able to recover money for your dog bite injuries. It is the responsibility of our Boston dog attack lawyer specialists to help you seek full and fair compensation, either through a negotiated settlement or litigation.

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Our Boston, MA Dog Bite Lawyer Experts Have Recovered Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars for Our Massachusetts Clients Who Have Been Injured in Massachusetts Dog Attacks. Please Do Not Hesitate to Call Us 24/7 at (617) 787- 3700 for a Free Case Evaluation Where We Can Assess the Value Of Your Massachusetts Dog Bite Claim. You Can Also Email Our Massachusetts Animal Attack Lawyers at GilHoyLaw@Hotmail.Com.

Massachusetts dog attack jury damages awards vary widely. Typically, monetary compensation for Massachusetts dog bite injuries depends largely on the severity of the physical injuries, how long your or your loved one’s symptoms persist, and any permanent disfigurement or scarring that may have resulted from the Massachusetts dog attack. It is generally more difficult to prove emotional injuries damages from a Massachusetts dog attack. The Massachusetts animal attack attorneys at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates understand the psychological trauma that our Massachusetts dog bite clients suffer after a Massachusetts dog bite attack. You can rest assured that our Boston, MA law firm will fight tirelessly to gain for you the compensation that you deserve for your pain and suffering damages resulting from your Massachusetts dog attack.

Our Boston, MA Dog Bite Lawyers Are Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, at 617-787-3700, and Will Help You. Our Massachusetts Animal Attack Attorney Experts Will Assist You and Your Family to Maximize the Massachusetts Dog Attack Damages That You Recover. Please Do Not Hesitate. Call Us Today at 617-787-3700. Your Needs Are Our Top Priority!

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