Dog Owner Agrees To Pay Nearly $1 Million in Personal Injury Damages After Neighbor Dies From Infected Dog Bite.

Many states, including Massachusetts, hold a dog’s owner strictly liable if the dog bites someone. This means if the victim of the dog bite sues its owner, all they have to prove in order to prevail in their case is that the defendant does, in fact, own the dog and that they were bitten.  So long as they did not provoke or antagonize the dog, they will be awarded monetary damages for their pain, suffering and medical bills.  This includes not only expenses and injuries from the bite itself, but also injuries that result from the bite or attack.  This is because, sometimes, residual injuries can become worse or even fatal.

Tragically, the dog bite case of  Kenneth Bock resulted in his death. Bock was working as a manager at Chain Lake Mini Storage when a dog ran up and bit him on the hand.  The dog’s owner, Konrad Haskins, allegedly allowed the dog to run around the area uncontrolled, even after the dog bit someone else in the area.  The next day, Bock experienced shooting pains in his legs and went to a nearby hospital after the pain would not go away.  After undergoing several tests, medical officials found that Bock had a bacterial infection that was believed to be caused by a bacteria commonly found in animal saliva.  The infection spread, and less than ten days after the dog bite, Bock died.

Bock’s family filed a dog bite lawsuit against Mr. Haskins.  They argued that Haskins knew his dog was dangerous to humans, or at least potentially dangerous, because it had bitten multiple people in the past.  Rather than go to trial, Haskins agreed to pay $975,000 to Bock’s family for his involvement in the death.

A large part of the responsibility of owning a dog is being potentially responsible under the law for the dog’s actions.  If you or a family member has been injured by a dog, please contact one of our experienced Massachusetts dog bite attorneys at 617-787-3700 or email today to learn about your legal options.  Time may be a factor, so please call today!

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