$140,000 Settlement Reached In Unprovoked Attack By Police Dog In Omaha, Nebraska.

Many people grow up with a family dog. In doing so, they usually view dogs as friendly, playful animals who are filled with love. However, for others who are not so fortunate to have been raised around dogs, they can be scared or intimidated by a dog’s growl. This is especially true if they were ever bitten by a dog as a child. Such a dog bite incident can leave not only physical scars, but potentially mental scars that are not visible but are equally harmful. Our team of personal injury attorneys specializing in dog bite cases here at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates have been nationally recognized for our exceptional work in these cases. We have helped our Commonwealth clients recover millions of dollars in compensation over the past three decades.

The City of Omaha, Nebraska is set to pay nearly $140,000 to a woman who suffered an unprovoked dog attack by an Omaha police dog. The City Council is scheduled to hold a public hearing and vote on the settlement agreement at its meeting this week. According to public documents, Omaha police were conducting a search for two burglary suspects southwest of 120th Street and West Center Road. Elizabeth Bene was a guest at a nearby home. After noticing sirens, Ms. Bene and her friends went from the backyard to the front yard to see what was going on.

Police approached and were talking to a member of the group when Ms. Bene saw Bruno, one of the Police Department’s working dogs. Ms. Bene, then 24 years-old, screamed and ran, causing Bruno to pursue and bite her. The Belgian Malinois had been released from a squad car without being leashed or restrained. Bruno attacked Ms. Bene from behind, biting her right arm above the elbow and dragging her towards the squad car. The dog ignored police orders to release her. Ms. Bene lost movement in her arm and will need an estimated three plastic surgeries to reduce the appearance of her scarring by about 50 percent.

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