Dog vs. Mailman: A Tail As Old As Time.

There’s a common belief that mail carriers and dogs are bitter rivals It is said that no matter how well behaved your dog is, when they see a mail carrier, an inner instinct goes off for them to attack. While this may not be true for all dogs, for one carrier in Indiana, it was the case. If you should be bitten, our expert dog bite attorneys here at our Boston, Massachusetts law firm have decades of experience fighting for our Massachusetts clients. We can help guide you through the complicated litigation process inherent in animal attack cases.

A dog is under quarantine after it bit two people Thursday morning in New Albany, Indiana. The New Albany Police Department reported that a mail carrier was bitten by the dog while on his route. When a relative of the dog’s owner got involved, he was bitten as well. The initial dispatch call over the police scanner indicated one person was unconscious after the attack. Under Indiana law, the dog must be held for observation under a 10-day quarantine to ensure he is not rabid.

Animal control officer Carrie Mooser said if the health department clears the dog, animal control will work with the dog owner and victims to determine what’s in the best interests of everyone and the dog. To the best of her knowledge, Ms. Mooser doesn’t believe there were any prior incidents with the dog or any other animal belonging to the dog’s owner. While mail carriers have continual training on how to stay safe, often with sudden attacks, there’s not enough time to react, meaning not enough time to put distance between themselves and the animal or time to get out the pepper-spray-like dog repellant they often carry with them.

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